Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Random ramblings and notations

My most recent radio purchase has been a Wouxun KG-UV8D. I have to say that the quality is better than a lot of fellow Chinese imports .... but ......

For the price it's a little light on features, sure it has dual VFO's and cross band repeat and a nice display but it falls short on many levels. Receive audio is horrible, outgoing audio is reported as quiet and battery life is pitiful. I paid just shy of £100 for mine, only to find that it doesn't have the 2.5kHz step that would be useful for satellite work, and has a chassis and case so prone to scratching that it looks old (despite only having it for three weeks). In short, I'm not impressed - a Baofeng UV-5R would be far better value at a quarter of the price. Add the fact that you can buy an Alinco DJ-V500 for £65 and the prospect looks unattractive.

In other news, I have recently had cause to buy a replacement battery charge cradle for my Alinco DJ-V57 handheld (after being somewhat ham fisted with the original - my own fault for having a short temper 😈). I found one online at Nevada Radio and promptly ordered it. It was delivered today, I say delivered, what I mean is that the Courier still has it as Nevada (in their infinite wisdom) shipped it with a "do not leave with neighbour" marker. Don't these people realise that if one had the cash to spend on their products the chances are that they work for a living and just might not be at home to accept the delivery!!! Makes my blood boil!!

The HF radio fund is amassing nicely, have looked at the Yaesu FT450 D - I  think I have settled on this one for my shack.

More ramblings and rantings soon


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