Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Even more Ramblings

The latest addition to my radio collection is another old Standard set. This one is a C56OO, a twin band VHF and UHF rig. This one dates from the'90's and has dual receive. There is no CTCSS, although there is provision for a board. There is a CTCSS board listed for it but it is so old that it is long since discontinued, I have, however,sourced a pattern part and will be fitting it once it arrives from China.

Speaking of Chinese products, all three of my Leixen radios are now faulty. The VV-898 dual bander appears to be dead. There seems to be power getting to the rig as the DTMF microphone lights up but the main unit is lifeless. TheVV-808U UHF set appears to be misaligned as audio is very distorted and the VV-808V VHF set does not output audio on the internal speaker, an extension speaker being necessary. Sending them back to china isn't an option as shipping costs there and back are more than the units are worth. The lesson learned is "don't buy cheap stuff, as it's a waste of money" A similar thing has happened with a smart watch and a tablet, so I now have a policy of buying decent quality kit, even if it has to be second-hand.

The South Kesteven A.R.S now has a new Chairman, Andrew Garrett(M0N RD) who replaces Nigel Booth (M0CV0) who, after four years at the helm has stepped down due to increasing work commitments. Andrew has a particular interest in HAB tracking and is a keen contester and his contribution to the club will be greatly appreciated.

The wind continues to batter the country and my mast is holding up well, due to the guy ropes being so taut that I can get a tune out of them. My collinear will be attached to the side of the house with "T&K" brackets and a twelve foot pole, freeing up the mast for its intended use.

April 26th sees SKARS Members helping out with a SES at the Cold War Bunker at Buckminster, near Grantham. This is a restored bunker and is part of the UP AN ATEM Group-check their website for further details, which can also be found on the SKARS website.

73 de 2E0ENN

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