Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Frequency corrected Ramblings

The DV4 Mini saga continues. I initially set the dongle up with a Raspberry Pi and had limited success in setting it up for reliable use. Experiments with beta software and my XYL's Windows 8 laptop proved marginally more successful so I bought a second hand Windows 7 netbook for use with the dongle. After upgrading the firmware and using the latest beta release it was working, but not 100%.
The issue I had was with the Master Server, the GB server was not shown in the list, so I initially connected via a German server as I was informed that all the servers were hosted in Germany anyway. In the meantime the DMR Plus network in the UK had changed its allegiance to the Brandmeister host as used on the Continent and renamed itself "Brandmeister UK". There was a small adjustment needed for the host table on the laptop and once that had been addressed I connected to the Brandmeister server and, hey presto,  it's now working perfectly. The latest software has a "meter" for setting the offset on the frequency used for access via the dongle. You simply key the mic for about 10 seconds and watch the indicator. This has green, yellow and red sections and the idea is to adjust the offset until you get mainly green and no red showing on the indicator when transmitting.
It is very easy to overload the dongle, it's very susceptible to excess RF, even one Watt can overload it. To combat this I have wrapped the dongle in copper tape and the laptop with the dongle is in an upstairs room - away from where I would usually operate from. To access the laptop I use Chrome  Remote Desktop on my Android phone and it works a treat. No excess RF and no need to be sat in front of the laptop - happy days.
I now have a Raspberry Pi doing nothing so it will be utilised on an AllStar node. It's not as straightforward to set up as an EchoLink node so there's a bit more reading to be done and I suspect a small amount of experimentation no doubt. Work is in progress on that project and I hope to be able to report on it soon.
I have rekindled my interest in Data modes and have been having a great time on 20, 40 and 12 metres. Some good QSO's having been logged. Now I've mastered the software and macro settings it has been much more fun. I must do more with this mode as it's immensely satisfying.
Next week sees the South Kesteven A.R.S. fish and chip Xmas supper. Looking forward to munching on fish and potatoes with lashings of ginger beer in the Club meeting room!
I hope all readers have a jolly mighty fine Christmas.
73 de 2E0ENN ⛄✌

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