Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Disillusioned Ramblings

I'm not feeling upbeat about the Hobby at the moment.  After seeking guidance from Ofcom about setting up an EchoLink node for use with a radio, I was told that it was ok and no NoV was required. So, I set about establishing a node and then the lights came on in my head. Surely this is an Internet gateway, I need an NoV for that. According to Ofcom I don't but there's so much ambiguity surrounding what constitutes what I have decided to abandon the idea. There's little or no guidance that can be found - that's all very well until they come knocking at the door to remove equipment,  and it's just not worth the bother.

DMR is another cause for aggravation to me as well. Since purchasing my CS700 I have had one (brief) QSO and that ended abruptly when the signal from the repeater dropped out. I was out at the weekend with a roof antenna on the car and a clear link with the GB7RR repeater and called on the UK Wide talkgroup repeatedly, for over 90 minutes and not a sausage was heard. Same again today with the GB7LN repeater in Lincoln. I can't access that repeater from home due to geographical obstructions so I'm beginning to think I have wasted my money.

I moved my collinear to appease the XYL and that has decreased performance, and to top it all off the money put aside for HF equipment has all gone on car insurance.

Contemplating giving up on  the whole thing and saving my money for a set of golf clubs.

I'm sure most Hams go through periods of disaffection with the Hobby - I hope this is temporary,  and will soon abate.

73 from a Grumpy 2E0ENN

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