Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Overdue Ramblings

It’s been a while since my last blog but things are a little different here at the home QTH. My station is now almost exclusively Internet linked, with the exception of a couple of local repeaters, mobile on V/UHF and portable ops on HF. 


I now have access, via Hotspots, to both Phoenix and Brandmeister reflectors. I have two Hytera MD785 mobile radios, one VHF and the other UHF. The UHF radio is used for Phoenix, with a DV4 Mini and the VHF radio is used with a dual band DVMega RPi, using Pi-Star software. I still use the venerable TYT MD380’s, both VHF and UHF, for the same purpose. I also use a Radioddity GD77 dual band handheld for both. For portable/mobile use I have the DVMega/Bluestack, running BlueDV for Android, with the very useful Hytera PD365 radio.


I have added a second DSTAR handheld to the inventory. It’s a IC-91 with the DSTAR module fitted. I bought it on an online auction site for a very reasonable price. Battery life is good but would be improved with a new battery. The audio quality from this radio is superb and I just love the quality of build and ease of use. This supplements the ID-51 and both are used with a single band DVMega RPi with Pi-Star software.


My Wires-X gateway, MB6IAG, has now been decommissioned due to lack of use and the NoV has lapsed. The equipment is now employed as a personal node, with both the FTM-100 node radio and the FTM-3200 working through dummy loads. The FT1 XD is still in use as back up and when out and about. Two of our local repeaters are Fusion enabled so the handheld comes in useful when out.

Not much change with the AllStar set up - RF needs being met with the Icom IC-E208 node radio, M0AQC interface and Raspberry Pi.
There are four more RPi nodes, connected with IAX to my TeamSpeak server. These continue to provide excellent service and reliability.

Winter has somewhat curtailed any forays into portable HF operations but it is hoped that I may just wrap up warm and brave the elements with the FT-817 and selection of home brew and mobile antennas.

The mobile set up has altered slightly with the FTM-100 being replaced with a Yaesu FT-7100 dual band radio, the Super Gainer antenna still being used with good results.
73 for the moment and Happy New Year

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