Saturday, 27 December 2014

Post Christmas Ramblings.......

Well, festivities continue at the Home QTH. After a shoulder operation on Christmas Eve, the XYL is still in a bit of pain but functioning, we spent Christmas Day eating and eating a bit more, inbetween bouts of eating, with a modicum of drinking thrown in for good measure.

Santa didn't bring me anything radio related but i did receive plenty of socks, soaps and deodorant - were people trying to tell me that I smell?? One of my gifts was an electronics toolkit with everything needed for those winter projects.

Reading for my Intermediate exam has hit a bit of a hiatus as I'm currently nursing my XYL, serious reading will recommence imminently. I think I should be ok but I don't want to count my chickens so will be burying my head in the book during my quiet moments.

Last night's snow proved eventful with my mast - snow gathered on the guy lines, making them wet and heavy, resulting in an alarming lean of 35 degrees off vertical. I was dancing with the mast at 11 pm and have today re-located the mast and tightened the guy ropes. Note to self - check the guy lines regularly to stop it happening again!

Listening in on the repeaters this morning, there appears to be a slight lift on as there have been some stations accessing GB3LM from as far away as Derbyshire. Yet to come across anybody on Simplex - I suppose it's still early and Christmas activities are probably still in action. I have noticed that the usual mob of mic-keyers are out in force - I do wish they'd say that they're just checking or testing, instead of just opening up the repeaters.

At the moment I'm sat in the shack/kitchen with my radio on, contemplating whether or not to have a wee drinkie - I don't think my services will be required as driver today so just might have a little snifter.

May I wish a Happy and Prosperous 2015 to everybody and may the coming year be filled with nothing but good.If the New Year is anything like the previous one, I for one am looking forward to a productive and harmonious one..

73's to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. Happy New Year Sean - hope it proves to be a good one. Won't send in your Intermediate application until you are ready - do let me know when.

    1. It's ok to go for Early January, I should be ready by the end of the month