Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year Ramblings

After the New Year celebrations it's good to be back to relative normality. As you can see from the pictures the temporary "shack" (corner of kitchen) is fully equipped for V/UHF operations. The re- sited mast is holding firm.

The AOR AR-3000 communications receiver is working well - not bad for an item given to me - and has a Moonraker Whizz Whip attached. This antenna is supposed to be for portable operations and has its own "tuner" - the reality is that it does work but nowhere near as well as Moonraker would have you believe. I use it with the AR-3000 and it works quite well.

Things are pretty quiet radio - wise at the moment as I'm putting money aside to get that long awaited HF rig.

Christmas has brought a load of PMR446 radios to the local kids and channel 1 is buzzing with pre - pubescent squeals - it may just spark an interest in radio in them.

Short and sweet this time, so more to come as and when something happens.

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