Wednesday, 18 February 2015

(Yet) more ramblings

All quiet on the Western Front this month. Went away last week to North Yorkshire and got high up in the hills with my handheld. I could access two repeaters - one 16 miles and the other 28 miles from where we were based. Apart from the repeaters identing,  there was nothing to be heard - at all. Even U/VHF simplex was as quiet as the grave.

Getting more interested in 4m. I have a handheld and a magmount for the car and, even though the band is sparsely populated, I've heard a few stations here and there. I'm holding off getting a base rig and antenna - no point if there's no one to talk to.

I have my Intermediate exam next month - looking forward to being able to use a bit more power (always assuming that I pass). Once I have jumped that hurdle the search for an HF rig will begin in earnest. Torn between a full blown shack in a box or something more QRP orientated. I did settle on the Yaesu FT450 but now I'm thinking FT817 with an amp for home use - at least that would give some flexibility for /P work without having to buy two rigs. The jury is still out on that one - perhaps I will make a decision and stick to it soon.

The South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society will be holding discussion evenings relating to test equipment as well as other topics, we meet fortnightly at the Beehive, Castlegate, Grantham - check out the website for more details. It is my privilege to be Club Secretary and we'd be delighted to meet any person with any interest in radio (not restricted solely to Amateur Radio) our next meeting is Wednesday 18th February at 20:00 and fortnightly thereafter

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