Saturday, 21 February 2015

Continuation of ramblings

Two items of radio related equipment have been delivered today.

The first is a Zurich PSU,  a hefty piece of kit with 30 amp continuous rating. It has a 30 amp banana type connection, a 10 amp cigar lighter socket and two 6 amp clip type connections. It weighs the equivalent of a supertanker but will be more than capable. Not too shabby for the purchase price of £45 from eBay.

The second is a new generation Baofeng handheld. It's called the FF-12P and is also sold under the UV-5X name. It's the same as a UV-5R internally with the GT-3 inverted display. It puts out 5 watts on VHF and 4 watts on UHF with a low power setting of 1 watt on each band. In comparison with the UV-5R, receive audio is better and the feel "in the hand" is much more comfortable. Performance is on a par with all the other Baofeng radios and I have opted for the silver finish - which looks quite distinctive. For £30 delivered, it represents good value and as a stand by set is ideal and won't break the bank.

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